Trail in a Box - Calling all Volunteers!

The Peoples Heartland Foundation (PHF) has developed a Site/Comprehensive plan for the Cabin Site within the 240 acre Home on the Range Site. Points of interest have been located and identified for development. Paths need to be constructed to provide visitors an organized leisurely guide to enjoy the treasures of of our Site. We quickly learned that building a nature walk/path was more that just finding a lane from one point to another. We were referred to the Kansas Trails Council.

Last Summer as a representative for PHF, I was invited to a meeting of the Sunflower Foundation. The Sunflower Foundation supports Kansas Charitable non profit groups in building outdoor facilities and properties to benefit and provide educational opportunities for in- and out-of-state visitors to the great outdoors of Kansas. One of the groups supported by the Sunflower Foundation is the Kansas Trails Council (KTC).

Last Fall Mike Goodwin and other KTC representatives met with Mark McClain and I in Beloit to explain how KTC provides trail-building support to non-profit organizations such as PHF.

As the weather warms we will lay out desired trail options, including but not limited to a 5K cross-country running trail, a severe/difficult walking trail and an easy walking trail. Future trail options may also include biking and horseback trails.

Once the PHF has trails planned we will contact the KTC who will schedule an onsite trail construction workshop and leave a "Trail In A Box" (pictured) at the HOR Site until the trail construction is completed. Qualified trail planning includes having teams of volunteers to build the trails. Trail building does not lend itself to large volunteer groups for one day, but rather smaller groups on different days is preferable.


Trail in a Box

Kansas Trails Council

Trail in a Box equipment includes a brush mower, chainsaw, string trimmer and blade attachment, leaf blower, 10 axes, 5 rakes, 10 bypass toppers, 5 hand saws, stone moving equipment, sledge and hand hammers, post hole digger, shovel, leaf rakes, back pack herbicide sprayer, trail surveying equipment, safety equipment, and a first aid kit.

To volunteer or for questions contact ElDean Holthus at 785-476-5216 or Mark McClain at 785-282-6682.