HOR Signs Update

The news this week is about signs, signs and signs; you have been warned.

We have limited vision for automobiles arriving from the east at the 90 Road and Home on the Range Site entrance. Their view of traffic exiting the Site and any walkers on the road portion of the Nature Walk is restricted. I met with the County Commissioners on June 29, 2015 with pictures to illustrate the problem. After discussion and questions they agreed to place a SLOW sign and a PEDESTRIAN CROSSING sign on west bound 90 Road.

On Saturday July 4, 2015 Mike Saft delivered the CVB funded directional signs that will be placed ½ mile north and south of the K-8/90 Road Junction (entrance to HOR Site). One frame is installed at K-8/95 road junction. It is ready for the sign which will be installed as soon as harvest and shop demands for Marcus Allen have stabilized.

Sen. Elaine Bowers, on her way home from Rotary in Phillipsburg on 6-25-15 picked up the check ($4410) for the highway naming signs from Mark McClain, Peoples Bank, delivering it to Eric Nichol, KDOT State Signing Engineer on June 26, 2015. On 6-26-15 I received an email from Mr. Nichol informing the signs had been ordered and one would be located 800’ north of the US-36/K-8 junction with the other one being placed 1550’ south of the Kansas/Nebraska line on K-8. We are hoping to dedicate the signs the second week of August, 2015.

We have had many visitors to the Cabin during June, 119 visitors in the first 21 days from all over Kansas and the United States and 5 foreign countries. Of special note were two ladies from Beaver Crook, Oregon, Leora Haas and Ruth Wilson. Leora’s Grandmother was Sarah Elizabeth Higley; they knew nothing about the Cabin until after they visited Joan and Garoleen in the Smith Center Chamber of Commerce office. They visited the Cabin and in the registration book Ms. Wilson left the following note:

“I visited Home on the Range with Leora to share a part of her Grandmother’s history; what a blessing and honor. The people who have made this possible are to be praised. They have put in a lot of work, money and care into this place. Thank you for your hard work. Bless each person with the joy of the Lord.”

I again urge all locally who have not visited the Home on the Range site to do so at your first opportunity. Come, spend some time and enjoy what those from far away appreciate so much. You have a Jewel on the bank of the Beaver.